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Thu, Mar. 24th, 2005, 07:22 pm

I've had this livejournal forever. I deleted all but two entries because those are the two that aren't be being suicidal. I was such a messaed up kid before highschool. I was always depressed. No matter what. But oh well.
I'm still messed up. Just not nearly as much. Well. Yeah. I am. Just in different ways! I'm not suicidal anymore.
So. My new goal is to come here almost everye day and tell about how my day was. And you're going to come look at it every day to see if I wrote anything new.

So today... I sat at the computer almost all day. I've got absolutely no emotion right now because I really don't care about anything. I'm such a great person.


Tue, Aug. 17th, 2004, 12:10 am
:) I made a quiz. ^^

What's your-
- First name? Kaitlin
- Last name? Notputtingthathere
- Nickname? Kate
- Birthday? Oct. 31, 1990
- Astroligical Sign? Scorpio

- Band? I like too many bands...
- Song? I like to many songs.
- Quote? "Everytime you masturbate god kills a kitten."
- Animal? Cheetahs and Foxes.
- Font? Jenkins v2.0
- Color? Red with Black or Pink with Lime Green
- Ice Cream Flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough
- Candy? Reeses Peices and Twix.
- Number? 8!
- Saying? HAIL ME. I am the messiah.
- Drink? Red Bull
- Soda? Mountain Dew Livewire
- Radio Station? 105.7 The X
- Movie? Constantine
- Thing to do at a concert? MOSH! WHOO!
- Place to go with friends? The mall
- Restaraunt? The Road House.
- Vegetable? Carrot? xDDD
- Fruit? Strawberry!
- Cereal? Cookie Crisp.

This or That-
- Nirvana or Metallica? Nirvana
- Black or White? Black
- Red or Pink? Red.
- Red or Black? Bla- Red.
- Pop or Rap? Eww.
- Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Neither
- Hilary Duff or Hilary Clinton? what the fuck. Bad music or society. Are you trying to kill me?
- Three Doors Down or 3 Days Grace? Err. 3 Days Grace
- Fire or Water? Fiiirrreee..
- Disneyland or Disneyworld? Whichever is in California.
- Austrailia or Austria? Austrailia, mate. ^^
- England or France? Both. ^_^
- California or Colorado? California. *likes Tim* ;D
- Illinois or Indiana? Indiana!
- Canada or Mexico? Canada, eh! < 3 Jess
- Hard or Soft(TACO SHELLS!)? Good thing you put taco shells there. ;D
- Pants or Shorts? Depends who's wearing them.
- Boxers or Briefs? BOXERS!
- Chicken or Tuna? Chicken.
- Light or Dark? Dark.
- Night or Day? Night.
- Colored Pencils or Crayons? Colored Pencils.
- Pen or Pencil? Pen. Unless drawing.
- Spoon or fork? FORK!

Right Now You Are-
- Wearing? Green Pants and a red tanktop
- Listening to? My Chemical Romance
- Living with? My 'rents and brothers.
- Eating? Nothing.
- Drinking? Water
- In What room? Office/Closet. xDD
- Feelling? Eh. Don't care.
- Talking to? No one. :/

Are you-
- Fun? I guess.
- Enthusiastic? Most of the time.
- Willing? To do what? Most likely yes.
- Sad? Too much
- Happy? Almost always
- Mean? Whaddo you think?
- Evil? Not incredably.
- Conceited? I don't think so...
- Organized? Hell no. ^^
- Smart? Kind of.
- Bored? Yes.
- Obsessive? People tell me I am.
- Thirstry? Not really.
- Hungry? No.
- Jumpy? Yeah.
- Preppy? Not at all. o.o
- Dead? Sure, why not...
- Sleepy? No.
- Nice? Most of the time.
- Talkative? Depends who's with me.

You would like to-
- Get drunk with? Jess
- Get high with? Jess
- Barhop with? Jess
- Have dinner with? Jess
- Talk on the phone with? Jess
- Go out with? Theguy
- Go home with? *points above* Jess and theguy
- See? Jess and Tim
- Meet? Jess and Tim
- Poke? Tim... kinda Jess. But mostly Tim.
- Slap? Tim. :/
- Kill? Not right now. :P
- Look like? I dunno.
- Be twins with? I dunno.
- Feel? Hmn. That's a little wrong sounding, eh?
- Instant Message? Anyone cool
- Make out with? Tim, Jess, and thatguy
- Flirt with? I flirt with everyone. So this one doesn't matter.

- This week? Don't die
- This month? Make a new friend. Just like everyone month.
- This year? Pass all my classes
- Your life? Not to die a virgin

Have you ever?
- Gotten Drunk? Yes.
- Made out? No.
- Been in love? Yes.
- Done something REALLY stupid? Yes. :(
- Lost a best friend because of a fight? Yeah. But afterwards I realised how much I didn't like her. Something she did was the reason we fought though.
- Attempted suicide? Thought about it. Never attempted
- Gotten high? Nope
- Passed out? Yeah.

Tue, Jul. 20th, 2004, 08:42 pm
Ethan made fun of my shoes... ;-;

There's this kid named Ethan that lives not to far from me. He's friends with my semi-friend Adam's little brother. Adam loves my shoes. Well, Adam went back to his house so Adam's little brother and Ethan were still in my driveway with my brothers and me. So, my brother left. I was just leaning against my mailbox. Adam's little brother left and Ethan followed. Before leaving Ethan noticed my shoes and said "Are you trying to be ghetto or something? That's how ghetto people wear their shoes." Ethan tries to be ghetto. It doesn't work out for him. I said back to him, "Maybe I am ghetto and you just don't know it." And he asked, "What's wrong with you?" I simply said, "You don't know how many times I've been asked that question..." and I walked into my house.

Anyway, Other than that I had fun today. I had ice cream for dinner. ;D My mom took my brother and I to the store and they both got something, so my mom said I could pick where we stop for dinner. I told her I wanted to go to Maggie Moo's. It's an ice cream shop of course. And That's that story.

I was talking to Adam in someone's backyard. We just sat there watching my dog chew on a branch talking about almost nothing. ;DDD Just the way I like it. I kept petting the tree because it was fuzzy. Fuzzy stuff is fun. He threw fuzzy stuff at me. D: It wasn't nice.

And here's a little part of the conversation from being in my driveway...
Adam: -pokes Lee(my older brother)'s new bike-
Ryan(my little brother): Don't touch that!
Adam: I'm only touching the edge, it won't leave marks.
Lee: Yeah, like you Ryan. You fingered up the handle bars.
Me: -starts dying of laughter and almost falls over-
Adam: -starts laughing-
Lee: Kate is so sickminded.
Me: I know. ^^
Adam: Yup.