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Tue, Aug. 17th, 2004, 12:10 am
:) I made a quiz. ^^

What's your-
- First name? Kaitlin
- Last name? Notputtingthathere
- Nickname? Kate
- Birthday? Oct. 31, 1990
- Astroligical Sign? Scorpio

- Band? I like too many bands...
- Song? I like to many songs.
- Quote? "Everytime you masturbate god kills a kitten."
- Animal? Cheetahs and Foxes.
- Font? Jenkins v2.0
- Color? Red with Black or Pink with Lime Green
- Ice Cream Flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough
- Candy? Reeses Peices and Twix.
- Number? 8!
- Saying? HAIL ME. I am the messiah.
- Drink? Red Bull
- Soda? Mountain Dew Livewire
- Radio Station? 105.7 The X
- Movie? Constantine
- Thing to do at a concert? MOSH! WHOO!
- Place to go with friends? The mall
- Restaraunt? The Road House.
- Vegetable? Carrot? xDDD
- Fruit? Strawberry!
- Cereal? Cookie Crisp.

This or That-
- Nirvana or Metallica? Nirvana
- Black or White? Black
- Red or Pink? Red.
- Red or Black? Bla- Red.
- Pop or Rap? Eww.
- Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Neither
- Hilary Duff or Hilary Clinton? what the fuck. Bad music or society. Are you trying to kill me?
- Three Doors Down or 3 Days Grace? Err. 3 Days Grace
- Fire or Water? Fiiirrreee..
- Disneyland or Disneyworld? Whichever is in California.
- Austrailia or Austria? Austrailia, mate. ^^
- England or France? Both. ^_^
- California or Colorado? California. *likes Tim* ;D
- Illinois or Indiana? Indiana!
- Canada or Mexico? Canada, eh! < 3 Jess
- Hard or Soft(TACO SHELLS!)? Good thing you put taco shells there. ;D
- Pants or Shorts? Depends who's wearing them.
- Boxers or Briefs? BOXERS!
- Chicken or Tuna? Chicken.
- Light or Dark? Dark.
- Night or Day? Night.
- Colored Pencils or Crayons? Colored Pencils.
- Pen or Pencil? Pen. Unless drawing.
- Spoon or fork? FORK!

Right Now You Are-
- Wearing? Green Pants and a red tanktop
- Listening to? My Chemical Romance
- Living with? My 'rents and brothers.
- Eating? Nothing.
- Drinking? Water
- In What room? Office/Closet. xDD
- Feelling? Eh. Don't care.
- Talking to? No one. :/

Are you-
- Fun? I guess.
- Enthusiastic? Most of the time.
- Willing? To do what? Most likely yes.
- Sad? Too much
- Happy? Almost always
- Mean? Whaddo you think?
- Evil? Not incredably.
- Conceited? I don't think so...
- Organized? Hell no. ^^
- Smart? Kind of.
- Bored? Yes.
- Obsessive? People tell me I am.
- Thirstry? Not really.
- Hungry? No.
- Jumpy? Yeah.
- Preppy? Not at all. o.o
- Dead? Sure, why not...
- Sleepy? No.
- Nice? Most of the time.
- Talkative? Depends who's with me.

You would like to-
- Get drunk with? Jess
- Get high with? Jess
- Barhop with? Jess
- Have dinner with? Jess
- Talk on the phone with? Jess
- Go out with? Theguy
- Go home with? *points above* Jess and theguy
- See? Jess and Tim
- Meet? Jess and Tim
- Poke? Tim... kinda Jess. But mostly Tim.
- Slap? Tim. :/
- Kill? Not right now. :P
- Look like? I dunno.
- Be twins with? I dunno.
- Feel? Hmn. That's a little wrong sounding, eh?
- Instant Message? Anyone cool
- Make out with? Tim, Jess, and thatguy
- Flirt with? I flirt with everyone. So this one doesn't matter.

- This week? Don't die
- This month? Make a new friend. Just like everyone month.
- This year? Pass all my classes
- Your life? Not to die a virgin

Have you ever?
- Gotten Drunk? Yes.
- Made out? No.
- Been in love? Yes.
- Done something REALLY stupid? Yes. :(
- Lost a best friend because of a fight? Yeah. But afterwards I realised how much I didn't like her. Something she did was the reason we fought though.
- Attempted suicide? Thought about it. Never attempted
- Gotten high? Nope
- Passed out? Yeah.